Stall Board

A very special barn for your horse where you will find everything needed to prepare your horse for that special show or just plain comfort. All of our stalls are 12'x12' with rubber mat floors. Shavings are cleaned daily and added weekly. We feed grass hay, a mixture of triticale grass and timothy grass every day at 8am and 4:30pm. If you have supplements to be fed, the barn manager or their assistant will feed them with the regular feeding.

For availabilty, please call Dagmar 541-210-4820

Wash Racks

For your convenience we have two hot and cold wash racks in the barn.

Grooming Area

After bathing your horse, you can utitilize the heating lamp for added comfort to your horse.

Boarders Tack Rooms

We have two boarders tack rooms with enclosed tops and cement floors to keep dust and critters out.

Feed Room

We have a large feed room with cement floors for your supplemental feed and vitamins. Individual containers are provided to pre-portion and bag for the manager to feed. A refrigerator and microwave are also available.

Farrier and Vet Rack

In the barn there is a special spot for your farrier to back into. Cross ties and an extended cover help to keep the farrier and your horse dry.

Turnout Pastures

Three irrigated turnout pastures are provided for turning out your stalled horse.