Covered Arena

Majestic Stables offers a 75'x160' lighted, covered arena with a mixture of sand and granite footing. Four secure tie downs in front of the arena.

Outdoor Arena

A year round lighted outdoor arena with sand footing is available. This arena also has sprinklers for applying water to keep the dust down.

Round Pens

Majestic offers two 50' round pens with sand footing. Great spot for exercising and ground working your horse.

Grass Arena

A large grass arena measuring 135'x270' is available during dry months. This arena can be a lot of fun for those who want to venture out of the typical closed arena.

WE Obstacle Course

Large L-shaped obstacle course is available with a multitude of obstacles (leave out patterns). Ready to prepare you and your horse for your next big show or simply offer a fun change of pace to flat work.

Hay Barn

Compost Bins

Majestic takes all their stall renderings and manure and places it into 4 compost bins. It is covered so it does not get wet and it is monitored for the correct temperature for turning waste into great compost which is later used on our grass fields or sold by the loader bucket for gardens.